The Happy Francis Family

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just wanted to let everyone know that Little Madison is doing much better and is out in a regular room now and may get to go home tommorrow if all goes well. For a full update and more pictures you can visit and sign in with your email and create your own password and type in "littlemadison," to search for her. Please continue to pray for Jermey, Amanda, and Madison. God is so good and this is just a wonderful reminder of that. Malachi and Lucas are gone again to California until mid May so pray for them as well that they will be safe in all of their travels and especially at work.


These are some pics from the egg hunt that the kids had.


Rachel and her 4 Kyra,Elijah,Owen, & Abby Jo

Charlie, Seth, & Teresa

Malachi, Me, & MacKeinzie
This was our Easter pictures of our families this year, we had a nice service that morning and then gathered for dinner later at Teresa's house with an egg hunt after that, the kids had lots of fun.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As some of you know mine and Malachi's good friends Amanda and Jermey have been going through alot. Their 4 month old baby girl Madison has had a really rough few days. She is currently at Vanderbilt in the unit with lots of different things going on, the main thing being her heart. She is in surgery this afternoon recieving a dual chamber pacemaker in her heart. They have not been given alot of hope by some doctors and some are a little more hopeful, but no matter the case the road ahead is going to be long. For a more detailed update you can see Teresa's blog. I plan on going down this weekend and being with them. Please pray for Madison, Amanda, and Jermey.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Just thought I would leave a quick post for all. The days have gotten a little better over the last week or so, the miscarriage has been a little easier to cope with and life seems to have gotten somewhat back to normal. It has been a tough little bit for this happy family. Easter is this weekend and just looking foward to spending time with family and giving praise to God that Malachi and I can at least concieve a child, and that someday we will get our little one that we want so much. I know that God has a plan and that all I can do is trust his plan for my family and myself. MacKeinzie has a beautiful dress for this Sundays service and hopefully we will be able to get a few photos of her and me and Malachi. We will be having a large family dinner this Sunday(but any dinner with this family is "large"), and possibly an egg hunt if weather will permit. Will try to get pictures on here soon......