The Happy Francis Family

Thursday, November 30, 2006

It has been sometime since my last post, sorry about that i have been pretty busy lately with Mackeinzie's cheerleading and all, but thats over now and we are in the hustle of the holidays and i am having to deal with most of it on my own. Malachi headed to Coffeyville, Kansas to work for a couple of weeks. He should be back maybe by next weekend. We have never been apart since we have been together, so this has been very hard to deal with for both of us especially around the holidays for me. I have to say though that since he has been gone we both have grown alot of respect and love for each other that i guess we both had started to take for granted before. I will be so glad whenever he gets home and im sure that he will to since the weather out there has been so bad, when i talked to him this morning he said the temp was 18 but the windshield was in the negatives. Its hard knowing hes cold and i cant do anything to help him. I have managed to decorate my entire house and wrap every single present that i had in the house to wrap, i guess i am doing as much as i can to keep busy. well i better go for now i will try to put some pics on soon...............