The Happy Francis Family

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The last time I posted Malachi had just left, and I was having a really hard time with it, well I am still having a relly hard time but the good news is that he should be home no later than Tuesday. I am so excited I cant wait, and neither can MacKeinzie she has missed him so much. I have cleaned the house, put huge amount of "christmas cheer" into it and have perfected about everything you could imagine around this place. I just want everything to be perfect for him when he gets home. These past couple of weeks have been really hard, especially the nights. I have had alot of people to help me out and be really understanding of my crying and just being a big ball of emotions. My brother-n-law Lucas has been a huge help around the house with the things that were a little more than I can handle. My mother-n-law has really been there for me and she probably doesnt even realize it, and my sister-n-law Rachel has been so helpful with just making me laugh and taking me shopping and just being there in general, I don't know what I would have done without everybody. I have found an extreme comfort for me and MacKeinzie both to spend alot of time in church and try to make our life the way it should be, eventhough everyone has been so helpful, nothing has seemed to help me and Malachi both more than God and praying a whole lot. Pastor Pallota and his messages the past couple of services have been so helpful, especially the one last Sunday morning about how to trust in God in the hard times and he will never fail you. Pastor Pallotta has had so many nice things to say to me to make me feel better about everything, and the people of the church have been so caring and thoughtful as well. MacKeinzie is in the Christmas play this Sunday. She will be an angel and she also has a speaking part. She has memorized her line and is doing really well with it, I am so proud of her. Well better go for now, I have to make a wet coconut cake for the church christmas dinner tommorrow evening. I promise I will post again soon(hopefully with some pics).